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SEO Audit

If your website isn't getting any love from Google then you’ll benefit from an SEO Audit. Our in-depth report will show you the main issues that are holding your site back in the search results.

Written in straightforward language, you don't need to be an SEO expert to implement the recommendations and get more organic traffic.

Content Audit

Research shows that 90.63% of content gets no traffic from Google. This means you could be wasting time and money churning out pages that nobody reads.

Our content audit will show how effective your current strategy is and how you can make it better. We'll identify any on-page SEO issues and find opportunities that can increase your traffic.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the ONE channel that you can have complete control over.  No Google alogrithm changes, no rejected Facebook ads, and no waiting around for SEO to work.

We can create email marketing promotions for your business that make money week afer week, month after month.

What Solopreneurs Are Saying About 1FB

Working with Simon from One Founder Business was a fantastic experience.

He constantly went above and beyond to simplify technical SEO concepts for me, took a proactive approach to fixing things that were broken on my site, and carefully documented everything he did.

The degree of professionalism is unparalleled and I've already recommended his services to others.  He's super-responsive, a pleasure to work with, and took the time to understand my business.

He helped me develop a comprehensive SEO strategy, increased traffic, conversions, and speed scores on my site (for both my mobile and desktop loading times).

If you're a soloprenuer who is short on time, One Founder Business is the full-stack SEO consultancy you can trust.

Highly recommended!

Hassan Osman 

One Founder Business is a digital marketing agency I can trust.

Simon's audit found the holes in my website and proposed fixes to gain more traffic and conversions.

I was most impressed with the proactive alerts Simon provided me during the audit, providing me quick wins I could implement before he even submitted his final report.

Jeff Sauer

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