Help more people find your online business...
And discover what you should be focusing on
(Before spending $,$$$ on an agency)

Our video audits reveal how your website looks

to users AND Google

video audit

In just 15 minutes, you can discover if your business is being held back by your website.
Gain actionable tips in plain, simple English for more traffic, sales, and conversions.

"You won't get this level of insight from any automated tool!"

Our video audits are for you if...

  • You feel your website should be getting more traffic, sales, and conversions
  • You want to know what to focus on but lack the time and experience
  • You'd like a top-level overview without reading a 30-page SEO report
  • You need to check if your current SEO provider hasn't missed anything 
  • You'd like an expert's opinion without sinking $$$$ and without any strings attached

Here's what your audit will cover:

Websites audits can be just like a doctors visit.  We find common ailments that affect many websites and sometimes unusual issues, too.

As a guide, here's what our audits frequently cover:

SEO / Online Visibilty

Does your website make it easy for Google to crawl, index,  and rank your content?

Performance & Security

How fast is your website and does it pass Google's "Core Vitals" tests? Are any pages on your website unsecure?

Conversion Optimization

Is your copy compelling? Are your CTAs, lead magnets, and forms making the most from your traffic?

On-Page SEO

Does your content have the best titles, meta descriptions and headings to help it climb up the search results?

User Experience 

Does your website design delight users? Or does it make them click back ASAP?

Low-Value Pages

Do you have any outdated or thin content that could be wasting your crawl budget?

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